Paris By Night 101 - A Rocky Review.
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Ngô Kỳ Duyên.

Ngày tham gia: 30 10 2010
Bài gởi: 3567
Đến từ: Quăng xương chó cắn nhau

Bài gởiGởi bởi: Sáu 1 21, 2011 12:49 am    Tiêu đề: Paris By Night 101 - A Rocky Review.

Paris By Night 101
A Rocky Review.

This is the second three-digit show as well as the fourth Tet themed show preceded by Paris By Night 76, 80 an 85. It's understandable why these shows often sell so quickly and rapidly, it is a festive and traditional holiday season that still remains important to the many Vietnamese families around the world. I'm sure a huge lot of you are sick and tired of Tet themed-shows but these installments are generally the most joyful and exciting shows any production ever comes to create. Paris by Night 101 was taped on November 13th and 14th 2010, then later released on the 14th of January 2011. I've watched this a number of times to be able to summarise my words to review and like any other occasion, I was always one to purchase it on the first day and heavily anticipate the contents. Aside from the theme, I'd like to take the time to congratulate Thuynga on deciding to continue their journey towards the next milestone. I hope this production doesn't give up until they can't stand no more. Paris By Night beats all productions out there without a doubt in my mind.

Cover & Presentation

Paris By Night delivers some of the most amazing designs and the cover was just brilliant this time. This is the one occasion where Thuynga has become so heavily colourful with their costumes and it made the DVD cover so eye-catching. One flaw I shall point out is that Quang Dung and Don Ho's images on the cover were really lacking and definitely out of place in quality because it took me ages to notice them at all. Perhaps different lighting? Other than that I don't really have any complaints other than the usual things I'd prefer: less singers on posters. More artistry and soul is put into less crowded graphic designs. But what must be done, must be done and I've become habituated to that. It was your normal DVD packaging with the cover and the two discs. Don't expect anything too fancy like Paris By Night 100's. Overall, my thumbs are up high.

On a side note, on the title/menu screen you have fire crackers going off. It was incredibly annoying and loud. It feels like to hear fire crackers but we're trying to search back for a song that we wanted to hear. So the following times, I tried skimming through the show with the 'next'/'fast forward' buttons. Please don't pull that trick again. Although the title screen was nice, neat and not crowded. I liked it's simplicity.

Staging & Theatrics.

Paris By Night has been one to create such a impeccable stage. However, I will say that given the new location, it felt like Knott's Berry Farm to me. Just the typical screen in the middle and commonalities on the stage just made it so typical of Paris By Night. It definitely brought out the colour on the stage and anybody who watched it live must've been over-joyed. The direction of the lighting was off the hook this time. Given Paris By Night's future direction, I hope there will be more alternatives Thuynga can turn to with stage design because my expectations weren't blown away with Paris By Night 100. It was 'expected' and my expectations of this production are set on a standard of what I've seen this phenomincal production do in the past.


I'd much leave this for you guys to decide. I have about 10 songs I loved or liked and others, I'm generally and usually not that invested in. It contained songs that suited all ages, old and new, upbeat and soft. In particular, I've noticed that Paris By Night 101 was fired up with a lot of fun routines that were just brightened with colour and choreography. Compared to the previous editions of Paris By Night and my huge bias of Nhu Quynh, Paris By Night 101 is second to Paris By Night 76. Xuan Tha Huong was so traditional and has such classics I listened to when I was younger. No wonder it sold so well? Makes you think that Thuynga should've thought of the idea a lot sooner. But really, to a young person's perspective, I found Paris By Night 101 more enjoyable than Paris By Night 80 which was a sequel to 76 and 85 which had more of a documentary feel to it with a kick-arse stage.


I'll begin with the skit here because around the forum, people have really been loving it. I'm not necessarily one to judge the skits because my Vietnamese skill is definitely below me and I can slightly understand it. Generally with these skits, I find that they're over-dramatic and usually have a dramatic end to them. Thats what we Vietnamese people love. With Hanh Phuc Dau Nam, some parts were stronger than others. Tom just can't act properly. He wasn't invested in his character at all so I felt like he was just reading a few lines and that was it. I don't know Carol Kim but it was a little embarrassing having to stay silent and constantly say 'Whats the matter wit chu?' There were some moments that were awkward. There hasn't been any skit actors other than Hoai Linh and Kieu Oanh that have made me laugh quite hard but Hoai Tam was such a star in this. After leaving about half-way, it all died down for me. But a worthy skit.

With the performances, I think that the transition of a few of the performances were the best decisions Thuynga has made in a long time. Que Toi & Huong Thuy/The Son's number were seperately listed performances that were structured like the half and half concept but both ends of the performances weren't shorter than they were supposed to be. This concept was also used with Ngoc Anh, Tran Thai Hoa and Nguyet Anh/Quynh Vi's performances. It was so good to see that Thuynga had decided to make that change. So impressed.

Cash Prizes & Quizzes.

The MCs did a better job this time as opposed to when they did it in Paris By Night 98, 100 and others. It was a lot more refined than other versions and lets not forget that rigged lady who decided to cheat in an auditiorium of hundreds as well as failing to answer the second question when the MCs were merciful with her. I liked it when Quang Le and Mai Thien Van came out to sing lyrics. I was actually challenged. I don't remember traditional songs and everyone seemed to put lyrics to song name easily. I was definitely puzzled for most of the songs. They better not re-abuse these two again next time and decide to use new concepts if they ever decide to throw money out to viewers.

I'd also like to mention that, 500/1000 dollars is a lot of money and anybody would be able to think that Thuynga isn't dying from piracy. My parents have reached that assumption and so have other family friends. In fact, I'm not so reluctant to think the same. Thuynga should realise the expenses of this segment of the show other than giving out the money. It just makes Thuynga look like they're completely and financially stable.

Favourite Performances.

For once in a long time. I did not like the opening. The chorus was just a lack luster for me. Of course, Thuynga always knows how to make an opening look like an opening, a lot of effort is invested towards it. The star of the number was Toc Tien for me. Her voice is so beautiful and I haven't heard it like this before. It was so beautiful. I never really cared for Ky Phuong Uyen or Diem Suong. I never really tried to remember which was which until now. They have great voices but they're just not that good. Quynh Vi, Huong Giang and Nguyet Anh kind of bug me as well. The opening was nice. Was odd to see 4 girls in red dresses and two in purple. I could see where they tried to make it different but not the best attempt. Yellow does work too. Great work with the dancers.

Que Toi - Diem Suong, Tu Quyen, Huong Giang.

I thought this number was very nice to hear. The songs seems very familiar, might've listened to it when I was younger. I thought the three did very well, the only problem for me was Huong Giang. I remember her duet with Tu Quyen in Paris By Night 98, the same problem can be applied. I feel as if Huong Giang suits very limited songs for her low-toned voice. I thought it was a great performance nonetheless for what it brought. I love the performers at the front of the stage performing out a small story of a girl leaving her family.

Trang Ve Thon Que & Ruoc Tinh Be Voi Que Huong - Huong Thuy & The Son

These are the numbers I love when it comes to Vietnam-themed numbers. I always like Nhac Canh numbers and everything about this one was just capturing and fun to watch. I just thought it was way too short. The choreography was very traditional, the musical direction is always attractive to hear. I haven't enjoyed a number like this since Con Duong Cai Quan in Paris By Night 91. Thuynga creates a different world in these numbers and it's one of the numbers I would watch over and over (which I have). Huong Thuy has come a long way since her debut in Paris By Night 72 and The Son is an underrated singer who is so vocally strong. It's so good to see them performing together again. Absolutely amazing.

Xuan Dep Lam Sao - Nhu Quynh

Every Nhu Quynh performance that has ever appeared on Paris By Night, I've loved. This is no exception. Although this is a watered down number for Nhu Quynh, the choreography was just extraordinary. Some have said that this number reminds them of her 'Muoi Ngon Tay Tinh Yeu' in Paris By Night 65 which I would quite agree with the hair and the objects held in both hands. Chopsticks to tea cups. Shes one of the few folk singers who can incorporate some amazing, simple choreography and make a watered down routine be a smashing success.

Hat Voi Chu Ve Con - Minh Tuyet

This is Xuan Va Tuoi Tre 2.0. I'm sure that if Buddy was signed in for Paris By Night 101, he'd be the soldier again for sure. If it were encouraged to decide between the two, I wouldn't be able. They coincide with each other and are great in their own respects. I was slightly embarrassed for the female dancers who had to perform in a flower costume. I felt the same way when Be Xuan Mai did her Tet performance (forgot which Paris By Night it was). This is your expected Minh Tuyet performance. All her performances are loveable.

Giao Mua - Luu Bich & Tran Quang Vu

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a Luu Bich performance. Majority of the songs never really suited her in my opinion but this one was great. Although I thought Tran Quang Vu bested her simply because his voice suited the piece. This number was just simple and had a melody that was unique from the production let alone the show. I didn't like how Luu Bich had to mouth the words when Tran Quang Vu, so that was more of a loss of professional conduct. That was the one part I found kinda irritating because it seemed like Luu Bich was trying to look like a mentor to Tran Quang Vu. But this was a lovely piece to listen to.


I always have to mention these dancers. I find them all so talented and incredible to watch. I watch Taeko's videos of Paris By Night behind the scenes and they are all such fun people to watch. I see them on stage and they do a phenominal job in every piece they tackle. Not to mention Shanda's ability to choreograph these perfectly suited numbers. She is such an asset to the show. It's so good to see Pamela Chu back on the show as well as the other familiar faces, Chris, Steve, Taeko, Marissa, Eugenia and others I can't put names to. Particular numbers in Paris By Night 101 that I loved were Nhu Quynh, Huong Thuy/The Son and the opening numbers.

Behind The Scenes.

I was tolerant when the editing of Behind The Scenes fetured in the VIP Party DVD but I hate how it was edited again. The structure provides new content to the Behind The Scenes angle but I don't like the lady, the cheap headings and so fourth. It looks horrible and would much prefer the original person to edited it. The song they used was so depressing that I don't even want to watch it again. For future reference. At least look like a high-classed production because the Behind the Scenes footage looks like a production in Vietnam edited it.


Note that the finale song they used was previously played in Paris By Night 76's finale. I thought it was definitely nice to hear it again after five years. I'm not complaining at all about this because this is quite a classic song and it's good to re-use things because sometimes Thuynga doesn't do it enough or utilise them in the greatest of ways. You usually know what to expect with finale's and this is no different.


At the end of Disc 1, they have the ads. At the start of Disc 2, they re-advertise them. Is it wrong for me to think that playing it twice means they get more money? It's obvious nobody is watching the ads at the end of Disc 1. Perhaps add an extra performance because Thuynga's shows used to be six hours instead of the five. I could only conclude that these ads have shorted the show. I really don't like that Thuynga doesn't let you skip it. Instead you can only fast forward them. This poses a disadvantage for those who have the skip button on their actual DVD player and no fast-forward as well has having a lost remote control. Gee, Thuynga. You gotta do what you've gotta do but this better be beneficial to the production.

Overall Conclusion.

Although this is the fourth Tet video, it is second to my favourite one. It's like any other Tet video produced, created and directed by Thuynga, aimed at viewers of all ages. For any typical Paris By Night fan, you won't be disappointed. Thuynga never fails to disappoint. Tet is an important holiday season for Vietnamese families. Between Paris By Night 101 and Asia 67, I would definitely choose Paris By Night 101 because Thuynga has shown a great deal of joy and colour with this show. I watched this with my family and we enjoyed every moment of it. Although my mother doesn't favour Tran Thai Hoa and my father doesn't like Ky Duyen. This DVD hopes to unite families together so remember to purchase an original copy because they deserve it.
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Ngô Kỳ Duyên.

Ngày tham gia: 30 10 2010
Bài gởi: 3567
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